four english learning tips

How can you improve your English learning? Here are four tips I always tell my students. I believe these tips are simple and can help you. Do you have a question about vocabulary or grammar on this page? Feel free to contact me!


english everyday

I remind my students every class that English everyday is important. I encourage you to use English 10-15 minutes a day for any subject you enjoy. Engage in reading, watching TV, listening to music or talking with a friend. You will see an improvement if you use the language and have fun with it.


use a dictionary

My high school German teacher told us “You must use a dictionary to study, not an online translator.” He told this to us over 10 years ago and it is still true. When you use a dictionary, you slow down. It is important to study correctly and not quickly. This allows your brain to make a stronger connection with the word. The Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary is a great tool. 


learn with a friend

Speaking is a very important skill that you need to practice. When you learn English with a friend both of you will benefit. You can share new vocabulary and talk about your success. You can also help correct each other. Most of all a friend can help motivate you.


invest in a personal teacher

Personal 1-on-1 lessons with a certified and experienced teacher is one of the best ways to quickly learn English. You should pick a teacher who is focused on your needs and uses material that is useful in your life. If you want a teacher like this, contact me! I am happy to help you.